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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

10 Fat Loss Diet Myth Busters

Over years health professionals like dietitians, wellness and lifestyle coaches, fitness trainers, have a constant battle wedged in their profession - The myths of Fat Loss and its Diet. Needless to say people who are fighting their own weight issues buy into the myth faster than the truth. Reality is easier to live by than the myths but myths always paint a picture of convenience and thats the problem. Today once and for all lets shed all the mind blocks, all the psychological barriers to gain a healthy and fit body you all desire but perceive it next to impossible to achieve. We shall go through 10 such myths that have given a chill down my spine too when I realized people actually were made to believe it through media, celebrity and grapevine in general.

1. Obesity is genetic therefore there is only so much you can do about it - If this excuse suits you to explain why you haven't been successful in reducing inches on your waist so be it but don't spread the wrong word around because it ain't true for even a million dollars. Obesity has genetic origin but it doesn't equate to the fact that you can't be at your ideal body weight with the desired body fat percentage. The genetic excuse won't help you in anyway because like every disease this one too has a cure and a prevention and your genes won't suppress your hard work and smart thinking. Anybody and make no mistake of this ANYBODY who is overweight to obese can very well bring their fat percentage down to the acceptable level with the right diet and lifestyle suiting their metabolism.

2. Wight loss diet cannot be adapted to for life - Many people who take up a weight loss diet have done it the wrong way or find it unacceptable that their new healthy way to eat is for life. When you go on a weight loss diet that takes you more than 30 pounds down there is a system and method how you are suppose to adapt your new lifestyle to your diet called the weight management diet which is nearly close to a weight loss one. However weight management diets do include occasional off chart foods they restrict it during most of the days and teach you how to adapt a high fat menu into a low fat one. Once you have achieved weight loss through the correct diet and exercise and lifestyle changes believe you me it stays for life only if you continue or maintain it as prescribed.

3. Starchy food have fat in them therefore they are fattening - Nope!! No potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, rice floor foods, bananas, squashes, beetroot, raw plantain, yams, or any of the foods that contain starch or carbohydrate dense has the kind of fat you were expecting it to possess. However the reason why it leads you to gain flab is because excess sugar in the body enters the fatty acid cycle where it gets converted into fat and stored as adipose tissue. If you have a well balanced carbohydrate diet this would not occur even if you eat the above perceived fattening foods.

4. Weight loss diet = less meals - My clients stare at me with utter shock when I demand they eat at least 6 meals a day in order to lose weight. Do not worry all dietitians face same stares as the most popular misconception of losing weight is to starve. May I sneak you a secret if you will ? Prevent the hunger from time to time and you will lose the fat, stay hungry, skip meals and voila you're back to where you began. The scientific reasoning for this is your body is smarter than you like it or not and if you keep it starving it will either make you binge and pig out on your next meal or if you eat less in any meal it will go into storing whatever energy it gets from food and not utilize the food as burning fuel. This causes fat storage obviously because the body can only store fat since your body protein starts breaking down in order to generate energy. So remember this equation carefully HUNGER = Weight, 6 small meals = FIT BODY.

5. No Carbs Diet is good for Weight loss - It would be rather sad to see someone qualified advising this to those on a even a 90 - 100 pound weight loss diet. I'll tell you why, because carbohydrates is the most important bio molecules that fuels the body's metabolism to generate energy. All your vital organs need glucose as primary fuel agent. If there is a devoid of glucose in the body there are severe repercussions which will give your weight issues a run for its distress in the body. No matter what diet you go on do not and I repeat do not go for cutting out carbs completely from it. Unless you want to barter weight loss for kidney or liver dysfunction then may be you can think about it.

6. NO FAT DIET is the best way out - Fat that we eat if derived from a vegetable source doesn't contain cholesterol and trans fats. It is the quality and quantity of fat that we consume that affects our body. Even on a weight loss diet a minimum of 10 gm or 2 tsp of oil should be consumed for basic body metabolism and lubrication. Curtailing fat totally for the duration of your weight loss regime is highly unhealthy and leads to other vitamin deficiency like Vitamin A, D and E which are needed as antioxidants.

7. Fat burner pills an herbs help burn fat - Fat burners in any form, be it pills, syrups, herbs, gels etc are only metabolism interfering agents. They interfere with your thyroid gland function and hormonal function to catabolize (breakdown) fat but lead to severe metabolic and hormonal problems for future. They are not fat burners you want to get acquainted with to lose weight.

8. More hours of workout give better results - Isn't it ironical that each myth we have busted has the exact opposite fact to it. This one is no exception. Exercise done within 45 minutes is where the body starts burning fat once its over but if you extend to more than an hour it gets no time to burn fat instead it starts breakdown of muscle too and exhaustion begins. Your body would rather store energy if you exhaust it than burn fat. Anything over 45 min of exercise is a waste of energy quite literally. I always finish my workout with warm up and cool down well within 35 min of moderate intensity and no waste of time between.

9. Lime and honey in hot water help burn fat - Whoever started this one as to be told that neither have effect on fat metabolism but have good effect on digestive system. This recommendation is good to clear and give motility to the digestive track. Fat burning is done on higher levels and it needs physical, nutritional and hormonal push to it.

10. Gyms are a temporary solution to weight loss - Sure they are, but let me phrase that one correctly. Temporary gyms are temporary solutions to weight loss. Its just like saying temporary breathing is temporary supply of oxygen to the body, or temporary eating is temporary energy to your life. Exercise so be it in a gym is a lifestyle and life long requirement of your body. Exercise makes you a happy person, a better body and disciplined personality. Exercise is not an option to health weight loss or no weight loss.

I hope some light has fallen on a dusty issue. If you wish to get yourself a custom made lifestyle plan with diet, fitness regime and positive thinking enroll with our Online Wellness Programs for FAT LOSS.

Wish you wellness.

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